Medical Hypnosis

medical hypnosis training

Our comprehensive Practitioner Diploma in Medical Hypnosis is the first of its kind.

This Two Year Masters Course has been specially commissioned by Austin Corporate Training to give hypnotherapists, and those interested in the study of hypnosis, the chance to train and master the skills, and techniques of this lucrative, prestigious, and pioneering field.

If you are not currently a practicing hypnotherapist you can still take this course after completing a preliminary course in hypnosis, which will then qualify you to go on to do the Masters Course in Medical Hypnosis.

Medical Hypnosis Course Description

This course in medical hypnosis is unique because it includes the unpublished reports of Dr. August Forel and his confidential conversations with Dr. Hippolyte Bernheim. These men were two of the leading medical hypnotists of all time. It is important to understand the influence they had on Medical Hypnosis because current and future studies of the treatment of various illnesses will be compared to the extensive case studies of Bernheim and Forel. The inclusion of these works will prove beneficial on the course as Bernheim and Forel treated more diseases and had a much higher success rate than any other medical hypnotist

The course work and research covers many proven and modern day protocols throughout the two-year study period. The student will be able to work to an accepted model within the medical field and will attain a practical standard of expertise that far exceeds general hypnotherapy training.

Medical Hypnosis Course Qualifications

On completing the full 2 Year Diploma Course you will be awarded the Masters Practitioner Diploma in Medical Hypnosis, as accredited by the GHR, and qualified to apply for full practitioner status with the GHSC.

You can also take the individual units of the course and gain specialist certificates which count as supervised training hours in medical hypnosis. Before you take an individual until you must take the compulsory Introduction to Medical Hypnosis Unit.

GHR Accreditation Levels

The 2 year Masters Course in Medical Hypnosis is accredited as a full practitioner course by the GHR, for the GHSC. The GHR are registering agency for the GHSC – the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, the leading standards register for hypnotherapy training and practitioners in the UK.

If you would like to know the next available dates for the medical hypnosis training course or any of its modules, please contact Valerie.